Smith's latest ad, and Merkley's rejoinder

For the last several days, the Gordon Smith campaign has been airing a new ad - but only in the Bend and Medford media markets. From the O's Steve Duin:

The Smith campaign has begun to shape its narrative in TV ads that played only in the liberal Portland and Eugene markets. Smith is a maverick, an independent, the story goes, a dose of benevolent bipartisan balm in these vitriolic times. ...

In Bend and Medford, the Smith story has a different spin. Smith assures television viewers in those markets that "no one loves the land more than the farmers, loggers and ranchers who care for it."

Smith approves that ad, he says, "because what some call the rest of Oregon, we simply call home."

The Merkley campaign responded, noting the Smith hasn't done much for rural Oregon - despite his talk. From PolitickerOR:

Merkley's campaign responded with its own video Monday, accusing Smith of being disingenuous regarding his advocacy for his rural brethren. Merkley, who has rural roots of his own in Myrtle Creek, a southern Oregon town with a population of 3,419, charged the Smith campaign with failing to go to bat for rural Oregon and the timber communities earlier this month when he failed to find any support among fellow Republicans for a $250 million timber payments bill constructed by U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Springfield). The loss of those timber federal funds have led to drastic cuts in communities throughout rural areas Smith says he is an advocate for.

Here's the spot -- and the Merkley campaign's web-video response:



  • Sargent (unverified)

    I love the Merkley campaign's response. Well done.

  • (Show?)

    Good advert by Jeff's campaign. However, they should have cropped out the gORdon logo, we really don't want to support their attempts to reinforce name recognition. I also wonder if voters under 30 will recognized the 'record skipping' sound, while screeching tires are very memorable and disturbing to everybody.

  • genop (unverified)

    Has it aired? I choke back my stomach contents every time I see Smiths. The ad is a good counterpoint but needs some immediate air time.

  • (Show?)

    The Merkley response is a one-minute web video, not for air. Share it with your friends.

  • (Show?)

    Yea, while driving to Newport on Sunday, I saw a car down towards Corvallis that had a Gordon Smith bumper sticker on it - and it was using that UofO copycat logo. I had fun driving past with my huge and very noticeable Merkley sticker on the back window of our car.

    Of course Smith is going to run different ads in different places - outside of the liberal metro areas, he's showing more of his true colors. Here he's trying to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • (Show?)

    Gordon Smith's ads are effective because they have Gordo talking to voters (or Gordly and Furse). He comes across as a reasonable Oregonian. I'd love to see an ad in response where Merkley talks to voters, offering them a reasonable candidate who's not in lockstep with Bush. This ad is a fine response, but in order to capture the swing voter it's aimed at, I think it needs to show a candidate who will be an acceptable Oregon alternative. The way to combat Smith among these voters is to out-reasonable them.

  • (Show?)

    Sorry, out-reasonable him, as in Smith.

  • Laura Graser (unverified)

    Who will see a web video? Just people who are looking for it, who will be voting for Merkley in any event. What's the point of a web video? Now is the time for the D's in DC to send Jeff some money so he can get on the air.

    For those of you who know: They funded him to win the primary, why aren't they funding him now?

  • anonymous (unverified)

    "What's the point of a web video?"

    If it's good enough, it will go viral and earn the candidate free media.

  • de (unverified)

    It's not that good. Besides, even viral videos won't hit enough voters to balance broadcast in those areas.

  • Spine (unverified)

    Has Merkley been on the air at all yet? I keep seeing Smith's "Obama loves me" ad, but haven't seen anything from our guy.

  • genop (unverified)

    Not to be elitist but the voters Merkley needs to upset Smith still watch TV news and will see Smith's ads as unopposed. The disappointed I's & R's in rural Oregon will not search out a web video. The only Merkley they get will be through TV ads. Assuming money is the problem, I will head to to donate. We need to see his mug and hear his message. The non-viral rebuttal of Smith would be a good start with a closing statement by Merkley.

  • Benevolent Funds (unverified)
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