NY Times: U.S. Senate race in Oregon a "dead heat"

The New York Times covers our U.S. Senate race.



  • Ray Duray (unverified)

    For me the "highlight" of the article was this quote:

    "(Merkley’s) winning because in this particular state in this particular year, the Republican brand has gone to hell.”

    This simply could not happen to a more deserving bunch.

    OT: For those with the inclination to see both major political parties as "part of the problem and not part of the solution", I'd say that Constitution Party candidate David Brownlow makes an excellent point: "“They’re talking about health care and education and cutting taxes like this is just any other year. Isn’t anybody reading the paper? There’s a financial meltdown out there. It’s a whole new game.”

    Along these lines, I encourage readers to think deeply about why it is that neither Smith nor Merkley are addressing the major issue of this campaign season, the collapse of the banking industry. Here's some food for thought on this topic:

    William Engdahl sees a conspiracy at work. As far as I'm concerned, Gordon Smith should be attacked by Jeff Merkley for providing a blank check to the likes of the untrustworthy Secretary of the Treasury who just dispensed $250 Billion of your money to his "crony capitalist" buddies on Wall Street. I don't get the feeling that Merkley objects to this theft of the public's money.

    Karl Denninger's hair is on fire and with good reason.

    The Mogambo Guru has been trying to get the public to wake up to the pending financial catastrophe for months, mostly preaching to a tiny and appreciative choir while the walls have come tumbling down all around us.

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    So Ray, are you voting for David Brownlow, or someone else, or abstaining?

    IMO the issue isn't candidates per se, but us and whether we organize pressure to do the right things, if we can agree what they are.

    Merkley opposed the bailout bill.

    Smith, (or the RNC or RSCC), oddly enough, is running an ad trying to make the case that what they claim about what the legislature did under Jeff's leadership, claims that seem dodgy, make him like "Wall Street," which he/they attack.

  • Gregor (unverified)
    <h2>In most elections, by the time they get the Oregon vote counted, it is decided. This year, we have a chance to make a real difference. If the Dems get a veto-proof majority, we can get changes made promptly. If not, we'll be in filibuster-ville for at least another two years, trying to get the people to understand that the majority means little if the minority can hold their foot against the door. It's why these past two years have seen no little difference made by Congress.</h2>
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