The Hottest Politician in America

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AOL has just released a ranking of the 51 "hottest politicans" in America, though the ranking seems confined to male politicians.

They include #51 Senator David Vitter (R-LA/Hookers) and #31 Mayor Gavin Newsom (D-San Francisco).

And no, Senator Gordon Smith didn't make the cut. (He fell off the The Hill's "50 Most Beautiful People in DC" list three years ago.)

Just one Oregonian made the list. And he's #1.

On the jump, the hottest male politician in America... drum roll please...

The #1 hottest politician in America is: Rep. Ben Cannon (D-Portland)


According to AOL LemonDrop:

This guy teaches middle school and is an avid cyclist. He's also got that grunge-cute look of a guy who plays in an indie rock band on the side. We like. A lot.

Congrats, Ben!

(And hat tip to Jack Roberts, former Labor Commissioner, who spotted the ranking!)

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    I MIGHT move to Maryland to marry number three...

  • Sarah Palin (unverified)

    Well, what with the situation with the polar ice caps and the terrorism, Ben Cannon being so hot, and also brainy, is also therefore why that must explain the whole global climate changing situation and so forth with health care reform which is why we need a maverick like John McCain to make sure there are enough hot politicians like Ben Cannon too, and also in Russia when the unhot politicians raise their ugly heads in Alaska. You betcha.

  • Jefferson Smith (unverified)

    So. Awesome.

  • Randle McMurphy (unverified)

    Ask Ben about the time he was canvassing and stumbled onto a bachelorette party. They thought he the male stripper they hired.

    I'm not kidding. It's the funniest canvassing story I have ever heard.

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    LOL. I bet that is some story. It's even better than the naked guy we had in Lincoln City.

  • joel dan walls (unverified)

    Hat tip to Jack Roberts? Isn't he that hot Republican with the great coiff?

  • Jake Oken-Berg (unverified)

    Congrats Ben!

  • Jules Kopel-Bailey (unverified)


    And I can confirm that the bachelorette party canvassing story is the greatest canvassing story ever told. No joke.

    You go, Ben!

  • Larry Galizio (unverified)

    Looking forward to the direct mail literature featuring this endorsement.

    Ben, no worries, I'm confident there will be no references to this on the House Floor or in Caucus meetings next sesssion.

    If you need an've got my digits.

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    Does he get a commemorative plaque for this? I'm totally going to his office in Salem next session and making sure there's a prominent notice sufficient to alert to Ben's now-certified hotness.


  • (Show?)

    Ben should be prepared for the People Magazine, Catie Couric treatment. Gee maybe SNL?

    Sarah P. stand aside. The new hottie is in town.

  • Mike Schryver (unverified)

    This is just the coolest thing ever.

  • (Show?)

    Go Ben! That's awesome.

  • Jack Sullivan (unverified)

    Isn't Ben a Rhodes Scholar too? Hot and smart!

  • Karen T (unverified)

    Too funny. Ben sure is cute though! My husband thinks I have a crush on him, since he came to our door once.

  • h (unverified)

    Gavin Newsom (D-Screwed his campaign manager's wife).

  • RW (unverified)

    Ben is Hillary's secret weapon: grooming legions of crushing adolescent middle school girls to become Participatorally Democratic and VOTE!

    I can see it now: we'll have women in the White House somewhere around 2020...

    Go Ben Go!

  • Katy (unverified)

    Ben looks so...rugged in this photo.

    Like an Oregon lumberjack/politician. I notice they didn't use a photo w/the hot yellow rain slicker?

  • Courtney (unverified)

    Ha! The rain slicker! I love it. When Leon Lindstrom dressed as Ben Cannon for Trick or Vote '06, all it took was the yellow rain slicker!

  • The Guilty Carnivore (unverified)

    Outside of a few exceptions, Ben included, that list seemed more like the America's Top Douchebag Politicians.

  • Laura (unverified)

    Whoah! Try one of the smartest, kindest, maybe even tallest politicians out there, too. A "standout" in every way!

  • (Show?)

    Like an Oregon lumberjack/politician

    Katy, ifn you wanna be an Aragonnian, banish the term "lumberjack" from your vocabulary.

    The correct term is logger. Only furriners use lumberjack.


    Also, Ben Cannon may indeed be the hottest of hotties and I sure won't argue the point, but he don't look like any of the loggers that I know, yellow slicker or otherwise.

    What he looks most like to me is a HOT HOT HOT middle school teacher who rides a bicycle and plays in an indie rock band, but that's just me.........

  • Student (unverified)

    ben looks very much like a white barack obama....

  • Nate Barkus (unverified)

    oh my. I have no doubt his ears are turning red on this one.

    • ben's former campaign manager
  • Jim (unverified)

    Yeahh he really does look like barack obama. that's wierd. but cool

  • DreamsComeTrue (unverified)

    He was my middle school english teacher!

    <h2>This is strange on so many levels...</h2>

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