Kurt Schrader: Big win on the Molalla River

By Erik Fernandez of Portland, Oregon. Erik is the wilderness coordinator for Oregon Wild.


Congressman Kurt Schrader showed he knows how to get the job done in Washington DC by moving legislation at warp speed through the US House of Representatives.

Yesterday, the House passed legislation to protect the Molalla River as a Wild and Scenic River by a vote of 292-133. [Oregonian story here.] Schrader was able to rally 40 Republicans to make it a bipartisan victory, including all five members of Oregon's delegation (yes, that includes Rep. Greg Walden who should get a bit of credit here).

The amazing piece of this story is that a collection of obstructionist Republicans led by Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) decided they wanted to make a national stand by objecting to this legislation. It took three hours of heated debate before the final vote.

The most curious part of this is that this collection of out-of-state Republicans, who have never been to the Molalla River, chose this issue to take a pro-logging stand on. There is virtually universal support for this bill from the city of Molalla to Clackamas County to the congressional delegation and just about everyone in-between. It's no surprise: the river provides clean drinking water to Canby and Molalla, and it's an undiscovered gorgeous river with some important salmon runs. By protecting the undiscovered river, locals hope that this will also help put their community on the tourist map and thus generate more local jobs.

Thank you to Congressman Schrader and the rest of the Oregon delegation for bringing this victory home today. Nice work.

  • Bob Baldwin (unverified)

    So, since I've been quick to call Schrader to task when I'm not happy with his conduct, I'll also jump in with congrats. Cool move by Schrader.

  • Croucier (unverified)

    Agreed, it's great to see Schrader moving something that will really benefit both the environment and the economy for a couple communities in his district. Congrats to folks who have been working on this.

  • RobK (unverified)

    I enjoyed the mispronunciations of "Willamette", "Canby", and "Molalla" by the out-of-state nay-sayers during debate.

    The Molalla is one of many places in Oregon that deserve protection. Oregon needs leaders who recognize that and will fight to protect what makes our state such a special place!

    I hope we'll see more of this from Mr. Schrader!

  • Klamathangler (unverified)

    Nice to see Schrader working on conservation issues like this, and "getting it" -- that protecting rivers, wild lands, and outdoor recreation is better for the economy in the long run. Hopefully this is a down payment on good things to come from him in the future!

  • K.I.S.S. aka Matt Pettini (unverified)

    I started reading this blog about 9 months ago, and I don't remember much on Schrader back then.

    This is an interesting story, and, of course, a good thing. There seems to be something much more basic going on, though.

    Carla posted a number of articles on how he would vote on health care reform. Kari took exception to her usual tack, for whatever reason. Since then, Kari has been posting stories that say what a great job Schrader is doing.

    Fair, 'nuff. It's all true. Is that too simple minded? Are we going to see this every time John Kitzhaber is in trouble? I've nothing against him. I'm a fan of Pisces govs. But, I mean, if we really support a candidate that isn't getting good and accurate press coverage, it implies we should start a blog that just happens to notice, in the middle of the water cooler gossip, what a great job our guy is doing.

    Maybe that was Dennis Kucinich's problem.

  • steve (unverified)

    Glad to add a check mark in the plus column for Schrader. I was a bit worried by his boneheadery on the final house health care vote, hope that was an aberration.

  • joel dan walls (unverified)

    yes, that includes Rep. Greg Walden who should get a bit of credit here

    Why give him credit? Sorry, this strikes me as the sort of mushy single-issue, faux-bipartisan claptrap that leads to single-issue advocacy groups backing legislators whose OVERALL voting records are awful.

  • joel dan walls (unverified)

    italics off

  • Bud Wright (unverified)

    Thanks for mentioning that Steve. Sure it never occurred to him!

  • Bud Wright (unverified)

    Have to sprinkle pixy dust on it.

  • Paul Cox (unverified)

    Meanwhile, "jaimieeee" on the "Coal Free PNW" thread has exposed the entire climate change fraud! No envirorep should be allowed to introduce legislation as a penalty! Do the facts matter?

  • Peri Brown (unverified)

    It's amazing how many invertebrates blog! Already corals are recovering their numbers on the great barrier reef, polar bears have all the ice they want, and rain forest hardwoods are popping up in cashew plantations! Salmon concede they were dying off in error, confused about the role CO2 is playing.

    Get real. We are in the middle of the biggest die-off in the last billion years. We are at the top of the pile. We are dying, whether you care to admit it or not, you dust farting enviroterrorist, Jim K arlock!

    Why don't you use your real name? It's banned. That means, "shove off", not make up "jamieee". Got problems with that? email Kari. Otherwise why should we listen to a lying electronic trespasser? You've been asked to leave. Deal with that or get the f*ck out!

  • mattH (unverified)
    <h2>Bishop's an idiot, in more ways than one, but I can actually understand why they attacked this. Not one delegate in Utah supports certain bills that will have a direct impact on Utah lands, it's all out-of-state legislators "interfering" with land not in their states, so you have to admit that there's logic to his approach to a bill in Oregon land use. Don't get me wrong though, I'm glad it still passed.</h2>
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