Spanning the State: Viva Las Vegas Edition

Carla Axtman

Later this week, I'll be traveling to Las Vegas to attend the Netroots Nation convention. I hope to blog a number of dispatches from my post in the desert, which unfortunately will not be poolside at the Hard Rock. Progressives are in a foul political mood in general right now, especially with the President (whose administration is barely represented at the event). It should make for an interesting few days.

So as I pack my best Elvis jumpsuit and my Celine Dion glitter stilettos, let's Span the State!


It would seem that pseudonymous commenting on newspaper websites has torqued at least one Albany City Councilor. Interestingly, pseudonymous newspaper comments were very common during the Colonial era. Silence Dogood can tell you all about it.

Like or not, the Kyron Horman family saga has saturated the local media. There's no escaping it and believe me, I've tried. It's a sensationalistic circus that I hope isn't morphing away from the only meaningful point: a little boy is missing and needs to be found.

In Curry County, there is a very public and very nasty fight going on between Curry Co Commissioner Bill Waddle and County Treasurer Izzy Brock. This tale is one of sex, money and rather lame newspaper reporting. Its looking to be a knock-down, drag-out brawl.

Land zoned for exclusive farm use have become a bone of contention since the passage of Senate Bill 1055, which allows events on vineyard land but not other types of farmland. The legislation will sunset in 2013 and leaders in Yamhill County are grappling with how to move forward. As one participant noted: “We all know land use planning is as easy to talk about as abortion and the war in Iraq.” Good times.

Baker City's own Burger Bob's is turning 50. Nothing says golden anniversary like a chocolate, dill pickle Pepsi.

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    Carla, thanks for the insight into the Curry County brouhaha. It does read like a classic case of two enourmous egos clashing for no apprent reason. ultimately one needs to ask if the County is being served by this ongoing run-in. Have phun in Vegas.

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    And I look forward to your posts at Netroot Nation (when are they going to bring it to OR...vs ugh, Vegas!)

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    We should move to get NN'11 or NN'12 to PDX... The 13 hr drive through NE CA and W NV is not a fun one :) And Vegas is completely "ugh", but inside the event = good times. so far, three panels, three solid sessions well worth the time and expense.

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    I've discussed bringing Netroots Nation to Portland several times with their board chair.

    The answer is simple: The lack of a convention center hotel is a major problem.

    I've been quite skeptical about funding a convention center hotel - but my experience discussing Netroots Nation with the decision-makers there have turned me around on the issue.

    The Hilton and the Governor aren't big enough to host a 2500-person conference. And the hotels near the convention center aren't big enough to host all the guests either.

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