HD-24: Crazy Weidner supporters a go-go

Carla Axtman

It's entirely possible that there's a more inept and uninformed legislator in Salem than Jim Weidner, but for the life of me I can't figure out who it is. It turns out that Weidner is so awful that he's been stripped of all but the bare minimum of committee assignments and was in trouble for awhile for accepting contributions during session, a violation of House ethics rules.

So its no wonder that Weidner's ardent supporters are willing to act blatantly stupid.

Hannah Hoffman, McMinnville News Register:

A four-member crew was caught filming an apparent political ad Thursday on Sokol Blosser Vineyard property, according to a report filed with the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office by winery co-president Alex Sokol Blosser.

Capt. Ken Summers said the crew is suspected of coming to the site to film a negative political ad aimed at Sokol Blosser's mother, Susan, who is challenging state Rep. Jim Weidner, R-Yamhill, in House District 24.

If so, Weidner said he neither played any part in it nor had any knowledge of it. He said he knew nothing about any such filming.


Susan Sokol Blosser said the opposition has raised the accusation repeatedly during the campaign, and it is false.

She said she never knowingly hired an illegal worker. She said every worker she hired presented proper paperwork, and she had no way of telling genuine documents from those that might have been forged.

Now its entirely possible that Weidner didn't know about this. After all, Weidner couldn't even manage to know the basic impacts of his own legislation, let alone what his supporters are up to. But it's awfully tough to believe that nobody on Weidner's campaign staff was aware of this.

Seriously Yamhill County, you guys deserve so much better than this clown. Now is your chance to elect someone to represent you proudly in the Oregon House.

Enter Susan Sokol-Blosser. She's smart. She's got deep roots in the region and she's dedicated to excellence. It would be a huge positive shift to giving the people of this district someone who is actually capable of representing them with integrity.

Progressive Kick is offering to double your donation if you give to Susan before Sunday. Its an awesome way to help her campaign get over the top...and get rid of the wasted space in the legislature that is Jim Weidner.

Susan Sokol Blosser: $

A pristine example of Weidner's legislative negligence can be found here, where Rep. Mitch Greenlick reduces him to a sniveling pile of shifty-eyed goo over a monumentally stupid piece of legislation supported by Weidner:

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    Aargh! This cretin is my representative in the Oregon House. I am chagrined to be a member of the same species.

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    I'm trying to understand what Michael is saying on this comment thread that has his detractors in a tizzy.

    Unless my reading comprehension has suddenly taken a turn for the nonexistent (not impossible), it looks to me like he's saying the film crew was trespassing and out of line--and that the whacknutter Weidner supporters are a bunch of hypocrites.

    I'm sure Michael will correct me if I'm wrong--he's certainly no wallflower. But it seems to me that some commenting might want to read a little more carefully and hold their powder until that time.

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      Thank you Carla. Your understanding of my statement was spot on.

      I will be the first to admit that my typing fingers and my brain may get a little out of sync, but I thought what I typed was pretty clear.

      I understand that the fact I can hold both liberal and conservative views on different issues is confusing to many here, but I would appreciate it if you are going to attack me for what I write, you at least read it first.

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        That's how I understood your comment as well. Though I have to admit that I've come to see you as kind of a knee-jerk "defend Republicans against attacks by Democrats" kind of poster, so it took me a couple of re-reads to be sure that that was what you were actually saying.

        And no, it's not because you hold conservative views. I hold plenty of conservative views and welcome hearing more of them. It's more that I've come to expect that you will post some sort of rebuttal to an anti-Republican post or comment withing 30 minutes of it appearing on this site (especially when it comes to Dudley). So, even if you see yourself as some kind of balance to the more partisan Dems, you often come off sounding more like an operative who is paid to monitor this site 24 hours a day and make sure no anti-Republican point goes without a, "Yes, but..."

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          I debated whether or not I should wait another 10 min to be beyond the 30 min window, but what the hell...

          Your view of my responses are totally justified due to the way I respond here. As i have said before, I find no value in adding a "yes, I agree" response to every post I agree with, which is most.(No fun either)

          What I do is post, and frequently, on posts I disagree with. There are two types of posts that catch my attention; attack pieces and the occasional issue where we disagree.

          If you look at my Dudley piece, for example, on the Camas attack, I never said if I supported or was opposed to him living in Camas to save taxes. My entire attack was on merits of it mattering in this election. IMHO, I thought the issue was stupid.

          On the "hating waitresses" attack, I never addressed the min wage element of the story, other than to try and profile the "typical" min wage earner, only the part where some in BO tried to sell the idea that that quote was Dudleys and not his retelling of what another had said to him. I did support the concept of a training wage, b/c the high unemployment rate with our youth right now deserves some discussion.

          On the latest attack on the donor story, I just posted a statement from our esteemed BO leader that was relevant to the hypocrisy of the attack.

          As for my frequent responses, that is due to the fact that I love political banter and my job has me on the internet all day. Since I am my own boss, I allow myself the pleasure of frequent BO drive bys. ;)

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