OR-GOP: Tiernan to step down as head of the Oregon Republican Party

Carla Axtman

Let the games begin.

Sarah Ross, Oregon Capitol News:

TIGARD- Bob Tiernan, the current chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, announced Monday that he will be stepping down as chairman.

“Simply put, I told myself many months ago, that if I could find another Republican leader to run for Chairman who could carry on with all the accomplishments, and build on those successes, it was time for me to ‘pass the torch’ and get back to my consulting business, and a new assignment in the Navy Reserve,” said Tiernan in a statement to the press.

In fairness, the GOP did manage to tie up the Oregon House, while once again losing the Governorship and the Oregon Senate. It's not a total loss for Tiernan, but in a year when most of the rest of the US handed Republicans huge victories, Oregon generally continued the rebuff of the GOP.

In what seems to be to be a rather profound change, it's being reported that a number of GOP political leaders are ready to hand the party's keys to Allen Alley. Alley is somewhat prochoice and has a reputation for generally being a moderate. This would be a major departure for the Oregon GOP, which has been in the ideological throes of far right conservatism for years.

More power to them, frankly. If the GOP of Oregon is finally ready to get back to it's moderate, pro-conservation roots--all the better for our state.

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    a reputation for generally being a moderate.

    Of course, a reputation that he threw overboard in his run for Governor.

    Then again, given how bizarre and stupid his strategic choices were - let's spend a month walking around deep rural Oregon, in places where there's hardly any voters! - I'm all in favor of Allen Alley putting his stamp on the Oregon GOP.

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    Interesting possible move with Alley as chairman and I agree, good for the state if he is moderate. You know who is also really good but getting up there in age? Dave Frohnmayer. Dude is a genius and I must say, honorable. A true gentleman. I guess I can only dream...all the best Mr. Frohnmayer if you are reading this.

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      I don't think Dave's looking for a new high-stress gig. Bear in mind that his heart stopped for about a half-hour a few years back. He deserves a retirement!

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        Good point. If I am not mistaken, I believe he had a heart attack at a table full of heart surgeons. Literally. If that doesn't get you to believe in an act of mercy, I don't know what will.

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    At least Alley addressed environmental concerns during his run, unlike the other guy, which used to be a steadfast position of Oregon Republicans.

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    I wouldn't put words in Alley's mouth one way or another. Let's see what he does.

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      Well, as the article Carla was referencing, it seems some GOP party folks are putting his name in play.

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        I'm not questioning the article, I'm questioning what people know about Alley's politics.

        Try this thought experiment: imagine Obama lost the primary and someone else became president. How well would you understand Obama's politics and his strengths and weaknesses as a leader? How close would your vision of him be to his actual presidency?

        Some politicians are more predictable then others, but you don't really know until after they are in office. So I suggest not reading a lot into Alley and watching what he does.

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          He has a reputation for being more moderate than others who've led the GOP in recent years. This is earned by his articulation of being relatively pro choice (see the link in the story) and working for Kulongoski.

          You can also see 2 hours worth of video at Willamette Week during their endorsement interviews that include Alley:


          Does this give an absolute definition of Alley's "strengths and weaknesses as a leader"? No. But it does explain his reputation, which is what this post discusses.

          We know some stuff about Alley because he's twice run for statewide office--telling us what he'd be about. Now if you think he's been lying, or at least puffing up his abilities, then please share.

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    Alley is a seismic improvement over Bob Tiernan.

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    it's official


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