Dave Hunt Announces His Decision

Deborah Barnes

Representative Hunt is a true public servant.

State Representative Dave Hunt announces his candidacy today for Clackamas County Commission Chair and I am one of thousands who look forward to working with him when elected to his new position.

Representative Hunt is a true public servant and I am ecstatic that he will have additional time in his new position to put renewed focus on our problems more directly here at home.

Dave’s brokered some of the most important accomplishments in recent legislative history- he spearheaded the transportation package-creating thousands of jobs- and provided health insurance to Oregon’s uninsured children. He stood up for economic development while continuing to support Clackamas County education, including Oregon’s largest professional-technical center, the Sabin-Schellenberg Center in the North Clackamas School District.

I consider Dave a true friend and encourage my neighbors, my fellow public education supporters and everyone else to support his candidacy. He believes in helping our children, the middle class, and the elderly and has proven his convictions through hard work and dedication.

Clackamas County deserves leadership like Dave’s. We need someone with the skills and experience to navigate the complex issues facing our county. I am proud of Dave’s accomplishments at the state level but I’m even prouder he is coming home.

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    I don't like the way Hunt has forced his way in and tried to bully the other Commisioners into not running or telling them what seat to run for. I'd like someone coming up from the ranks, not a politician looking for another gig after being shunned in his last one.

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      I'm not sure what "coming up from the ranks looks like" if it doesn't mean running for the part-time legislature, and then asking the voters to consider you for the full-time executive post.

      And yeah, it's from "state" to "county", but in Oregon, that's a move up the ranks.

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    As a Clackamas County resident for all of but a couple of years, I'm glad that Dave has thrown his hat in the ring. He understands the history of the county, and the flavors of our different communities. He has advocated and delivered results for our schools, our businesses, our transportation needs, housing, and social services. A lot of folks are hurting in our county right now, and too many of my neighbors are struggling to find some light at the end of the tunnel. I know he'll look out for them. Unless you're a sea lion.

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    I always appreciate you. I don't put my name up as a supporter for anyone but those I know who have done the hard work of listening and following through with the requests of those they represent. Policy making is tough work and you have plenty of voters telling you what they want. Those comments are often in conflict with one another. However, in all of my work with Dave I have found him to be genuine, when he hears there is a problem he gets it fixed. I appreciate him and his support on so many levels.

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