Mayor 2012: First debate tonight. (Live video.)

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The leading candidates for Portland Mayor and City Council will be featured at a debate sponsored tonight by the Oregon AFL-CIO and other unions representing workers throughout the city.

The debate, which takes place between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., will be livestreamed here at BlueOregon. The council candidates will be up first, followed by the mayoral candidates. This will be the first debate in the mayor's race, and comes six months before the primary election and nearly a full year before the general/run-off election in November 2012.

The three major announced candidates for mayor will participate - Eileen Brady, Charlie Hales, and Jefferson Smith.

Police Chief Mike Reese had asked to be invited last week, was invited and included, and then earlier today, he dropped out of the debate. He cited a need to focus on the Occupy Portland aftermath as his reason for abruptly canceling.

As I wrote last week, I think it's a bit odd for the debate to include someone who's not actually a candidate yet. He told Willamette Week today that he's not definitely in, and not definitely out:

"I'm still seriously considering running for mayor," he says.

Here's the live video. The City Council debate will be underway at 6:35 and the mayoral debate at 7:40 p.m.

And here's the Twitter stream:

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    There's still plenty of time to write-in Sasha Roiz from Grimm. Take a look at the video:

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Eileen Brady's campaign website. I speak only for myself.

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    I'm having major hiccups with the live stream. :(

    Will it be posted on-line afterward so we can watch it in its entirety?

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    Thanks. Good to see it.

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    Are AFL-CIO members supportive of a plan B for the CRC? Sure sounds like it.

    Listen for yourself @1:33:45.

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    MAN Governor Bartlet, when you were a member of Congress, you voted against the New England Dairy Farming Compact. That vote hurt me sir.

    Cal looks over at Toby.

    MAN I'm a businessman. That vote hurt me to the tune of maybe, 10 cents a gallon. I voted for you three times for Congress. I voted for you twice for Governor.

    We see Josh again, still reading the newspaper.

    MAN And I'm here sir, and I'd like to ask you for an explanation.

    BARTLET [pause] Yeah, I screwed you on that one.

    Josh looks up, surprised.

    MAN I'm sorry?

    BARTLET I screwed you. You got hosed.

    MAN Sir, I...

    BARTLET And not just you. A lot of my constituents. I put the hammer to farms in Concord, Salem, Laconia, and Elem.

    Josh looks really shocked and is now watching Bartlet.

    BARTLET You guys got rogered but good.

    The man sits down.

    BARTLET Today, for the first time in history, one in five Americans living in poverty are children.

    We see a still surprised Josh.

    BARTLET One in five children live in the most abject, dangerous, hopeless, backbreaking, gut wrenching, poverty, one in five, and they're children. If fidelity to freedom and democracy is the code of our civic religion then surely, the code of our humanity is faithful service to that unwritten commandment that says "We shall give our children better than we ourselves had." I voted against the bill 'cause I didn't want it to be hard for people to buy milk. I stopped some money from flowing into your pocket. If that angers you, if you resent me, I completely respect that, but if you expect anything different from the President of the United States, I suggest you vote for somebody else. Thanks very much. Hope you enjoyed the chicken.

    The audience applauds. Josh claps too.


    Replace "dairy compact" with "CRC" and "milk" with "congestion."

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