Update: Beaverton takes its turn to drive the Washington County steamroller

Carla Axtman

This is a brief update to yesterday's story on the City of Beaverton's potential effort to steamroll zoning and land use policy on a bunch of newly annexed land instead of following a long established agreement. Washington County Commission Chair Andy Duyck is reportedly pushing to allow this to go forward as well.

As I understand it, an appeal is being filed with the city today. It's possible that citizens who wish to speak up and have not already filed an objection will have an opportunity to do so at the hearing.

In the meantime, Beaverton City Councilors and Washington County Commissioners need to know that people are watching. How will they know this? You'll need to email or call them to tell them this.

Beaverton City Council

All email to the Beaverton City Council goes to the same email address. Send with attention to the councilor to which you wish to correspond. If you have time to do only one, send to the President.

Cathy Stanton, President: (503) 526–2343

Catherine Arnold, (503) 526–2508

Betty Bode, (503) 526–2347

Ian King, (503) 526–2345

Marc San Soucie, (503) 526–2370

Washington County Commission

All emails to the Washington County Commission are sent using a tool, found here. Use the drop down menu at the bottom to send to one or all of the commissioners. If you wish to send to only one, I suggest sending to the Chair, Andy Duyck.

With the exception of the Chair, all of the commissioners are part time. If you would like to contact them by phone, you will likely have to leave a message. Request that they call you back. All calls are routed through the same phone number: Phone: (503) 846-8681. Washington County residents are encouraged to speak to their own commissioner. If you're not sure who it is, you can look up that information here.

Update: 1:30PM, Comments below by Virginia Bruce indicate that a meeting with Beaverton city planners on this matter will take place on January 3 at St. Vincent's Med. office bldg (fountain court).

Update: 3:30PM: In an email, Washington County Chair Andy Duyck is denying being involved in this issue, saying he has "no role whatsoever". No explanation was given by Duyck however as to why his staff are so concerned for their jobs. Will continue to update as more comes in.

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    Some background on this issue is in the December issue of the Cedar Mill News: http://cedarmillnews.com

    Beaverton planners will attend the January 3 CPO 1 Meeting, 7 pm in the auditorium at St. Vincent's Med. office bldg (fountain court) to discuss it.

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      Thanks, Virginia! I linked several pieces from Cedar Mill News in my first piece on this issue. Thanks so much for all you do to keep this stuff in the public eye.

      I'll add an update about the Jan 3 mtg.

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