OR-1 roundup: Debates, attack ads, endorsements, and the BS championship!

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Ballots will be mailed on Friday to voters in the OR-1 congressional race between Suzanne Bonamici and Rob Cornilles. Voters will have until January 31 to return those ballots. (Note: The Voter Registration deadline is Tuesday. So if you've moved recently, register to vote online right away. Not sure if you're registered at your current address? Check here.)

With the vote imminent, attack ads are now up, endorsements are rolling out, and debates are underway. Here's a round-up.


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    The pesticide industry? I would classify that as a poisonous, toxic endorsement.

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    Just back from the WashCo Public Affairs Forum Bonamici/Cornilles debate. We already knew that Cornilles is a tea partier in moderate clothing, but today he really showed how much of a newbie he is and that he's utterly out of his league. VOTE BONAMICI!

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      I founded the TP in Oregon. Rob is not a TP candidate (though he'd love our support I'm sure) ;o). Unfotunately, he's just too center-left for many of us. Actually, he'd be a pretty good Democratic candidate (were it not for his real world business success that is).

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    Kari, I am pleased to see that I am not the only one to think that Tracy Barry should not be allowed near a political event. I was embarrassed that she not only represented Portland in an interview with the President, but that the station touted her doing so for three days. Why does KGW do that when they have such a class act in Laural Porter?

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    While one may select the style of moderator Barry to focus on if substance is the choice then questions should be of a higher quality than afforded at the Portland City/Pudding Club.

    Mine would be, do you favor a repeal of legislation passed in 2005 which required the US Post Office to set aside seventy-five years of pension funds within ten years? As some may recall this has artificially created a budget crisis. Circulation remains unchanged despite emails. The composition of what is mailed has changed. For example Netflix and medications for folks with prescription drugs.

    Other than endangering Oregon's vote by mail this is a naked attack on workers and their union jobs. Lars Larson is thrilled as he has advocated this disaster for years; second district Tea Party Republican Walden is also thrilled with destroying the Post Office.

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      Marvin, what's a Tea Party Republican?

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          nice word, innacurate but, you taught me something today, thank you.

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            I suppose sensu strictu a Tea Party Republican would be one endorsed by the Tea Party, but it also means a Republican who supports Tea Party positions, as Cornilles says he does. Not sure about Walden's self-labeling.

            If you don't like it Geoff, I'll make you a deal -- I'll stand up against the label absent a Tea Party endorsement if you agree to work in Tea Party and other Republican circles against the lie that the center-right Barack Obama (who is to the right of Richard Nixon on almost all issues) is a socialist.

            The point of that isn't about socialism, it's about minimally honest debate over policy.

            But of course in the Tea Party's funhouse mirror intellectual world center right = liberal, liberal = socialist, socialist = Marxist, & Marxist = communist, none of which is true, and Tea Partiers regularly scamper falsely across those equations. If you're going to act that way, you can't really expect people to scruple much about people who take positions the Tea Party supports being labeled as Tea Party Republicans.

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        As I recall a corporate funded group with Dick Armey as part of the leadership arose pretending to be populists when President Obama was elected. Having been a Walden watcher for several decades I place him in the Tea Party group because the Republicans are the Tea Party.

        Koch brothers fund Wisconsin Gov. Walker and Washington's third district congresswoman. Koch brother's father founded the John Birch Society and Walden is a traditional Bircher/Rpublican. He has always opposed everything that is defined as new deal. He wanted to privatize the Oregon DMV and turn it over to car dealers. He is the essential anti-people person who has learned to fake sincerity well. He is a deeply dangerous person and he personifies the phony tea party populist fascists. Does that help?


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