HAHAHA! Allen Alley's hilarious map

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Seriously, Allen Alley?

From KGW:

Oregon GOP chairman Allen Alley believes Oregon and its seven electoral votes could send Mitt Romney to the White House.

The scenario is a distinct possibility if Romney defeats Barack Obama in five of the "battleground states," he said. ... Alley's strategic map lists Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

Allen Alley's electoral map

Yeah, right. In Allen Alley's fantasy world, Mitt Romney's going to win Indiana and North Carolina (ok, sure), plus Virginia (iffy), and both Ohio and Florida (tough) -- and do that WITHOUT winning a single other swing state from Obama's '08 lineup -- New Hampshire, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Colorado, or Iowa.

Seriously, man. It's getting comical. If Oregon is in play, then that means Romney's already won.

And besides, how is the Oregon Republican Party going to deliver Oregon to Romney when it can't even afford a projector screen?

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    Delusional as it is, you have to give him credit for being a trooper and trying to motivate a disheartened GOP party in Oregon when there is no chance at all. The national GOP has plainly written off Oregon and the contest is in a handful of swing states. Obama's electoral vote lead is at 332 at most sites now. So yup.. Oregon is the savior of Mitt Romney, you tell 'em, Allen!

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    Of course Oregon's a swing state. Look at the great Republican track record of winning statewide elections over the past decade. Remember incumbent Senator Gordon Smith's re-election victory in 2002? What more proof do you need that Oregon's in play this year?

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    To be fair, Oregon has a 0.5% chance of being the tipping point state according to Nate Silver's analysis. So we're #14 in the odds nationally.

    But yes, if Romney wins in Oregon, he'll have won in Colorado, New Hampshire, or Iowa - probably all three.

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    Mr. Grasp -- meet Mr. Straw.

    But Bill Ryan's point is spot on. Alley's simply trying to rally Oregon's GOP troops -- both of them -- by engaging in a bit of wish fulfillment.

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