Patrick Sheehan's bizarre Ultimate Fighting fundraiser this weekend

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This weekend, Rep. Patrick Sheehan (R-Clackamas) held a fascinating political fundraiser that you don't see very often (ever?).

He invited lobbyists to pay up to $5000 to watch TV with him. Specifically, Sheehan hosted a party to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship rematch bout between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva.

Now, I'm not a UFC fan (strikes me as pretty close to human cockfighting), but that's not really the point. It just seems pretty strange to me that Sheehan would organize a political event based entirely around a disgraced one-time legislative candidate convicted of money laundering, and infamous for calling his opponent, Silva, and his entourage, a "pygmy band of savages."

Leading up to the event, Sonnen even produced a video describing life on the "mean streets" of West Linn, in which his father barely made $100,000 a year and some teenagers didn't get their own luxury car. Hardy har har.

Despite all the controversy surrounding Sonnen, the media seemed to largely ignore this event.

Did anyone go? What can you tell us about the event? Who won the grand prize of breakfast with Chael Sonnen?

And more intriguing - did Matt Wingard show? Sheehan originally was slated to host the event with Matt Wingard. But of course, you can't exactly have an event that is both hosted by AND honoring disgraced politicians. Sheehan uninvited Wingard from the event. But was Wingard still there?

Here's what I really want to know: Will Sheehan call on Wingard to resign -- or is he participating in the go-along/get-along approach favored by Republican leaders like Greg Walden, Allen Alley, and Bruce Hanna?

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      Wow, this article is embarrassing. Completely uneducated about the SPORT of MMA and Middleweight Contender Chael Sonnen, yet stating your biased opinion. You are not even able to appreciate the sarcasm in the "American Gangster" Promo. Mr. Sonnen dedicated an entire chapter in his brilliant book "The Voice of Reason", exposing inbred "democrats" like yourself. I mean, look at yourself, seriously. Great times, where every biased f+++face can pretend to be a journalist. Thank god nobody cares, considering the activity on this page.

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        Rarely have I read a comment that so readily encapsulates conservative elitism and snobbery. Well done, Mr. Rudolf.

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      Went to Emerge with her! Besides Kari, you know who the ultimate fighter is in this race!

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    The video was hilarious.

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    I'm not a fan of Chael Sonnen's politics but he is as carny as they come when it involves promoting a fight and that's somewhat of a lost art. I can appreciate it. Sonnen's done some dumb stuff that got him in hot water, and seems to be a lousy human, but no one should ever take seriously what a boxer/mma star says when hyping up a match.

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    I'm fascinated that Sheehan would ask as much as Mitt Romney did when he was in town. Did he get any takers?

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