VIDEO: President Obama rocked it.

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President Obama rocked it tonight. Within a few days, I think we'll see the polls come back to where they were before the last debate. Mitt Romney looked frustrated and alternately smug and snarling. And he stumbled repeatedly on the core issue that voters care about - jobs.

Here's a few of what I think are the best moments from the presidential debate. What was your favorite moment?

Asked by a college student named Jeremy how he'll create job opportunities, Romney spends two minutes explaining how bad the economy is without providing broad-based solutions - and then, in classic guy-at-the-country-club style, gives Jeremy a "call me":

Romney accidentally defends affirmative action and launches the latest internet sensation - "binders full of women":

President Obama explains the math of Romney's tax plan (and makes everyone playing debate drinking games finish their drink when he namechecks Big Bird):

President Obama gets presidential on Mitt's ass, lecturing him on playing politics when Americans are killed overseas:

In response, Mitt Romney tries to call out Obama on "act of terror", only to get fact-checked live by Candy Crowley:

President Obama closes on the 47% and his progressive vision:

OK, so what'd I miss?

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    THIS was the President that progressives wanted to see. He forcefully defended his record and took on Romney's lies while looking much more presidential than the challenger.

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    Obama & Romney competing to see who is the better friend to fossil fuel extraction interests. Obama almost word-for-word repeated his speech from last March 22nd at Cushing OK: "We have opened up 3/4 of our offshore reserves"; "we have built enough pipeline (gas & oil) to encircle the Earth"; "we have a 100 year supply of natural gas, and we can access it an environmentally-safe way" (I would side, rather, with the governments of France & Quebec, which have banned fracking). Climate change is the most serious challenge human civilization has ever faced. The Iranians ain't nothing compared to it! Vote Green Party.

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    People are now betting even more on President Obama 2-1.

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    Please- no more Nader-like arguments at this time. Wait till after November 6. The stakes are too high. Remember Gore?

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      That's exactly the point and why these arguments that both parties and both candidates are the same need to be knocked down. Everyone needs to be reminded of that argument that was floated in 2000 and continues to be. And people on the left need to be remind of the Supreme Count and the tragedy that would happen to this country with two or three more Scalias on the bench, which is what Romney has promised.

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    "How many innocent, dead Arabs and South Asians do I have to put up with so's Obama can choose a SCOTUS justce?"- Ted Rall

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      A much lower number than there will be if Romney and his neocons win this November because a bunch of fuzzy-brained idealists decided political purity and protest voting were more important than damage control.

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        First: Romney's people are not neocons, unless they also happen to have moderate domestic policies to go along with their aggressive foreign policies (Richard Nixon, Scoop Jackson, Richard Perle- these were or are neocons- everything I hear about Romney is that he is not moderate on domestic policy). Second: Sorry, I will not vote for a candidate whom I believe to be a war criminal (Obama is one, likely Romney would be a worse one, and I won't vote for either).

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    Romney now leads in electoral race. see

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