More than one indictment possible in Clackamas ballot-tampering case

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In his latest story on the Clackamas ballot-tampering case, the O's Jeff Mapes uncovers a critical nugget of information:

Secretary of State Kate Brown said Friday that the Justice Department is continuing to investigate the case and that she expects an indictment "within the next two or three weeks." She also said it's possible more than one person will be indicted. 

That's right: It seems that investigators are digging in seriously to the idea that Deanna Swenson may not have acted alone in allegedly tampering with ballots. 

And of course, where there are two or more people acting together, you've got something much more serious - a planned conspiracy to commit fraud, rather than a single person overcome in a moment of ideological fervor. 

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    Really STUPID conspirators, I would expect, given the risk-benefit balance of doing something like this.

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    Where is the indictment regarding Hales's election law violations? It has been over a month since they accepted the new refiling pointing out their rejection last time was not appropriate according to case law.

    They normally do not comment on cases. Why does this case and the Bob Wolfe case get prosecution in the press, but nothing about Hales?

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      Seth: Here and elsewhere you are openly or vaguely using unrelated posts to attack Kate Brown. While John McCain has become the poster child for sore loser nationally, you are becoming Oregon's equivalent. Seth, you lost to Kate Brown. Get over it and move on with your life.

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    Thanks for continuing to follow this story, Kari.

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