Karol Collymore

My parents are originally from Panama and it is the place of my birth. At about 2 years old, my family moved to Albuquerque, NM where I spent all of my formative years. I went to the University of New Mexico and received my degree in Political Science. I was raised in New Mexico politics and have great affinity for Governor Bill Richardson. I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2003 and was development director at NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon.

January 26, 2012Waiting for Marriage Equity
March 29, 2011Marriage 2012?
February 12, 2010Who's responsible for racial profiling?
January 25, 2010No slacks, no speech at country club for Kitzhaber?
January 11, 2010The Editors Predict
January 09, 2010Oregon Citizens Alliance's Scott Lively has a new target: GLBT Ugandans
December 30, 2009"A Girl's Life" tonight on OPB TV
December 28, 20092010: What's your political resolution?
December 14, 2009Bus Project activist detained; facing deportation
November 09, 2009Health care for all means reproductive services, too
October 27, 2009"The White City"
September 20, 2009I want to represent Senate District 22; this is why.
September 02, 2009"Night of the Junto" - in Willy Week
August 06, 2009Newsflash: Can't turn gay straight
July 16, 2009Civil rights are a common cause for people of color and GLBTs
July 07, 2009Leaving it on the dance floor
July 03, 2009WTF: Sarah Palin resigns as Governor of Alaska
July 01, 2009Ouch: The WW's "The Good, The Bad and The Awful"
June 24, 2009My testimony to the Portland City Council on Cesar E. Chavez
June 19, 2009Gay community: Don't give up on Obama yet
June 10, 2009If they are so worried...
May 26, 2009What modern day segregation looks like
May 25, 2009Racially segregated proms continue in Mississippi
May 10, 2009Fashion as protest?
May 10, 2009White House Correspondents Dinner: Wanda Sykes
May 07, 2009Wondering about gay marriage in Oregon? Watch this video.
April 28, 2009A little insight on the Sellwood Bridge
April 22, 2009If you think domestic partnerships make everything "equal," read this
April 21, 2009Watch out for the big, gay storm
April 13, 2009How many calories are in your meal?
April 07, 2009Gay marriage: Oregon should be next
March 25, 2009Is it time for Oregon to repeal the death penalty?
March 16, 2009Second verse, same as the first
February 24, 2009New school for the Pearl, no school for everyone else
February 08, 2009What do we do about Black History Month?
February 03, 2009Wyden and other senators request more diversity at the State Department
February 01, 2009Emerge Oregon: Women need apply
January 28, 2009Willy Week: Gang officers are profiling in Portland
January 15, 2009Mind your manners, please.
January 09, 2009Should a woman replace Hillary Clinton?
December 29, 2008With this ring, you'll have sex
December 26, 2008Someone must have lost his mind
December 14, 2008People really don't want to drive on "Cesar Chavez Blvd"
December 12, 2008Word on the Street: Emerging women in government?
December 08, 2008Can I dance with you, David Gregory?
November 05, 2008We are not done
November 04, 2008Win or lose, a change is coming
October 28, 2008Overly O-motional
October 24, 2008Patriotic or not?
October 21, 2008If I ever want to run for office, I must stop having fun now!

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