Karol Collymore

My parents are originally from Panama and it is the place of my birth. At about 2 years old, my family moved to Albuquerque, NM where I spent all of my formative years. I went to the University of New Mexico and received my degree in Political Science. I was raised in New Mexico politics and have great affinity for Governor Bill Richardson. I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2003 and was development director at NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon.

PublishedTitle Comments
Oct. 19, 2008Powell endorses; promptly shown the exit
Oct. 10, 200820/20's John Stossel encouraging young people not to vote
Oct. 08, 2008Candidates Gone Wild on Monday
Oct. 06, 2008Candidates Gone Wild - and getting wilder
Oct. 02, 2008Live blogging at The Bagdad
Oct. 01, 2008Now the financial crisis is our fault, too?
Sep. 30, 2008Sarah Palin: Every English teacher's worst nightmare
Sep. 28, 2008Merkley's pro-choice ad
Sep. 21, 2008Think Karen Minnis was bad? Try John Nelsen.
Sep. 11, 2008A racial discussion in a swing state
Aug. 29, 2008McCain's pick: Sarah Palin?
Aug. 27, 2008Thank you, Democrats
Aug. 20, 2008Waiting by the phone
Aug. 19, 2008Hipster racism?
Aug. 08, 2008John Edwards admits his affair
Aug. 05, 2008The use of the phrase "Nanny State"
Aug. 04, 2008The propogation of negative opinions
Jul. 31, 2008What's the deal, Mr. Smith?
Jul. 24, 2008Birth control is not abortion
Jul. 23, 2008How to tell people they sound racist
Jul. 23, 2008Sex and the City
Jul. 11, 2008Can we start blasting John McCain please?
Jun. 12, 2008Please, just ask a black person
May. 29, 2008Portland's Restorative Listening Project
May. 15, 2008Oh, to be a wedding planner
May. 07, 2008Classifying politics
Apr. 15, 2008Can Oregon media help us with the diversity discussion?
Apr. 04, 2008Agree to disagree?
Mar. 20, 2008Open discussions on race in Portland: Is it possible?
Mar. 12, 2008I don't think I can vote for Senator Clinton
Feb. 29, 2008Happy Black History Month
Feb. 18, 2008Obama-mania
Jan. 22, 2008Stop mudslinging...it's getting on my clothes
Dec. 30, 2007In defense of equality
Dec. 06, 2007Toys for good girls and boys
Nov. 03, 2007New Orleans - Last days
Oct. 31, 2007Biloxi, MS - Day Three
Oct. 30, 2007Biloxi, MS - Day Two
Oct. 29, 2007Biloxi, MS - Katrina clean up, day one
Aug. 09, 2007Hey, I'm Not Finished!
Aug. 02, 2007Minneapolis/Portland
Jul. 12, 2007Ideas I Have for a New PPS Superintendent
Jun. 06, 2007I Heart Bill Richardson
Apr. 10, 2007Imus: Racist or Mimic?
Mar. 28, 2007Volunteerism, Here and Away
Feb. 12, 2007Freedom to Marry Week
Jan. 10, 2007In Eugene, is supporting MLK celebration anti-gay?
Oct. 23, 2006My Most Important Vote
Sep. 25, 2006Minnis and Me
Aug. 23, 2006Enough Jon Benet

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