Maybe Lars will have these folks on his show, too.

Carla Axtman

Update: 9:45PM: Even more employers hiring in Oregon! Whatever will Lars do?? FedEx is expected to exceed 700 at its Troutdale facility. SolarWorld is adding 350 jobs in Hillsboro. And Costco is hiring 100 people in Roseburg.

The exodus of corporations from Oregon following tax increases passed by voters in January continues.


Andy Giegerich, Portland Business Journal:

IBM Corp. is on track to establish some 600 new jobs in Oregon.

Beaverton and Oregon government officials confirmed that they are working on “a potential project” with IBM (NYSE: IBM) that could bring 510 jobs to Beaverton and another 90 to the Salem area.

The Oregonian newspaper reported that the new jobs would help IBM develop mortgage software tied to the Armonk, N.Y.-based company’s purchase of Wilshire Credit Corp.

The new jobs are expected to pay between $35k-$50k per year.

A few weeks ago, rightwing radio host Lars Larson made a huge deal about a business from Lincoln County leaving for Idaho. Number of people employed by this business? 5.

It's unfortunate when any jobs leave. But it hardly seems worth the tizzy Lars went in to over 5 jobs.

And I'm willing to bet Lars has little to nothing to say about the IBM jobs. Of course, that wouldn't fit in to this ideological myopia or keep things moving on the rightwing gravy train.

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    Don't forget that IBM is planning to add 600 jobs in Beaverton.

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      Kari,the Bend Bulletin has the quotes, but is blocked to non-subscribers. In addition to Nathan's concerns about taxes, he didn't like Oregon practices "restricting personal freedom" such as a potential law that could require him to get a license to home-school his children, land use issues, and (you'll love this one) "Obamacare".

      Nathan will definately pay higher taxes in Idaho on his business and probably on his personal taxes as well, depending on how high his income is. I am sure he will olve the 6% sales tax.

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    Great article, Carla! Thanks for doing it, am going to post it!

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    Lars would be the first to say that any hiring is great news. But what about the other 200,000 jobs? Unemployed and underemployed is probably 20%. Still, great news for those folks who have been out work for 2 YEARS. The economy is bound to come back at some point, despite the efforts of those in govt. 66/67 is not positive for the state of Oregon, and downright stupid considering the economic climate. Why would anyone found a C corp here now? Why should businesses with a high value/low margin pay more taxes? The legislation is short sited and unfair. But if you are hooked on the crackpipe of revenue at any cost, 108% pensions, guaranteed 8% return on public 401k's, and you want to keep your union buddies happy, you soak the rest of us with your taxes. Be liberal if you want, but be liberal with YOUR OWN MONEY.

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      OK, Dave. List your budget cuts.

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      If Lars "would be the first to say any hiring is great news,"--you'd think it'd be a topic on his radio show today...

      Let's see, what's on tap today over there? (Via

      Topics for Wed, June 23 *Should cities tell you what plants you can grow in your yard?

      *If state government is really cutting 9 percent why are only 200 pink slips going out?

      *Did Al Gore's divorce begin with a Portland sex scandal secret for 4 years?

      *New Public Radio poll shows NW supports Arizona anti illegal alien law

      *Should Oregon be home to a death house?

      *Richard Burke - with Americans for Prosperity Oregon

      Apparently, Lars won't be the first (or the second, third..etc,) to say anything about new hiring in Oregon. But at least we get to hear more about Al Gore's divorce.

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        Carla, interestingly enough, Lars is all for government telling people they can't grow certain plants.

        He's all for people to things that he likes, like own guns, smoke tobacco, and drink alcohol. He's a lot less for people to have freedom's he's not interested in enjoying, like using pot or being gay.

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      Dave, be conservative if you want, but realize that the king of deficit spending Presidents in my lifetime is "conservative" Ronald Reagan, and the runner-up is George W. Bush.

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        You should crack open a paper from the last 18 m,onths because if you did you would quickly discover that in just 1 1/2 yrs the new champion ...who's own irresponsible deficit spending in just one year is more than Reagans 8 yrs and in his 4 yrs as president will go down in history as spending us deeper into the ditch than both bush's and reagan combined! your entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts

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      Very well said ! I could not possibly agree with you more. Lars is a great oregonian who and anything good that is happening here he would loudly applaud and it wouldn't matter if it meant he was wrong or if it means (like i suspect) that all of the jobs left this state long ago (Kitz #1?) or even if the IBM and other new jobs for this state were the exceptions to the rule. Lord knows the Solarworld jobs no doubt came as a result of the tax credit giveaways Ted was passing around like they were free

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