Chuck Sheketoff

Chuck Sheketoff is the Executive Director and a founder of the Oregon Center for Public Policy, a non-profit, non-partisan research institute that uses research and analysis to advance policies and practices that improve the economic and social opportunities of low- and moderate-income Oregonians, the majority of Oregonians. Prior to starting the OCPP in 1997, Chuck lobbied the Oregon Legislature on behalf of the low-income clients of legal aid programs (1993, 1995) and the Oregon Law Center (1997). Chuck participates in BlueOregon to inform debates among Oregon progressives with an eye toward getting Oregon back on track.

March 03, 2009Oregon Business Taxes: We’re number 2 (lowest)
March 01, 2009Social Math Lesson: The Sound of Inequality
February 26, 2009“Inheriting a Legacy of Misplaced Priorities”
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February 18, 2009What Oregonians know about tax and budget basics: Not much
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February 10, 2009The Six Worst Tax Cuts in the Senate Stimulus Bill
February 09, 2009Stop the venture capitalists’ theft from the Education Stability Fund.
January 28, 2009To get out of a fiscal hole, first stop digging
January 24, 2009Intel’s Layoffs and Dividends
January 21, 2009“Hey Betsy, tell Ryan helping seniors offers a great return on investment and is something to be proud of 20 years from now.”
January 05, 2009I ♥ New York . . . <del>Economists</del> <em>Times</em> (The Sequel)
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December 17, 2008Build an Oregon That Works for Working Families
December 04, 2008Federal Estate Tax - 1 in 250 and Shrinking
November 19, 2008It's a revenue problem.
November 10, 2008Is Oregon Getting Wells Fargo-ed?
November 07, 2008A Revenue Problem Needs a Smart Revenue Solution
November 02, 2008Hands Off Our School Children’s Recession Cookie Jar
October 27, 2008Putting U.S. Corporate Taxes in Perspective
October 22, 2008Governor and Legislature Should Follow the Willie Sutton Rule
September 22, 2008The $700 billion in perspective
September 19, 2008Ray of Economic Sunshine #2: Debunking the Political BS about Oregon’s unemployment rate
September 16, 2008A Ray of Economic Sunshine
September 03, 2008The 2008 Voters' Guide -- the Military/Overseas Version -- is now available
September 03, 2008Paying for the CEO Gravy Train
August 31, 2008Harry and Louise are back!
August 22, 2008Oregon makes headway against food insecurity and hunger
August 18, 2008You and Measure 59
July 28, 2008Debunking Political BS: “Tax cuts pay for themselves and are good for the economy”
July 17, 2008Hunting the Elephant in the American Living Room
July 09, 2008Data and Common Sense Be Damned
July 08, 2008SolarWorld CEO Says Reducing Government Subsidies is Good for SolarWorld!
June 25, 2008A Good Deal for the Great Regression
June 16, 2008Support Whitehouse on Climate Change
June 15, 2008It <u>is</u> the economy.
May 30, 2008Leave No Teacher Behind, If You Want the Best Schools
May 14, 2008Tax Break for Wealthiest Oregonians Exceeds Lost Timber Payments
May 02, 2008Underscore the “<em><u>Us</u></em>” in S<u><em>us</u></em>tainability
April 25, 2008Learn Crunchian Economics
April 15, 2008A Tax Day Message from Irving Berlin
April 08, 2008Twenty good years in Oregon. . . for the rich
April 04, 2008Oregon's Business Climate Takes Another Hit - First Doonesbury, Now Colbert
March 14, 2007 Congressional Scorecard
March 05, 2008Sizemore Reframes Tax Issue to Support Increase

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