Chuck Sheketoff

Chuck Sheketoff is the Executive Director and a founder of the Oregon Center for Public Policy, a non-profit, non-partisan research institute that uses research and analysis to advance policies and practices that improve the economic and social opportunities of low- and moderate-income Oregonians, the majority of Oregonians. Prior to starting the OCPP in 1997, Chuck lobbied the Oregon Legislature on behalf of the low-income clients of legal aid programs (1993, 1995) and the Oregon Law Center (1997). Chuck participates in BlueOregon to inform debates among Oregon progressives with an eye toward getting Oregon back on track.

PublishedTitle Comments
Apr. 30, 2013The Misguided “Small Business Tax Cut”
Apr. 26, 2013Keep Your Eye on the Jobs-to-Worker Ratio
Apr. 19, 2013Hey Governor and Oregon Business Association, Read the Paper!
Apr. 14, 2013Tax Facts that Matter: 2013 Edition
Apr. 10, 2013Putting Nike's $96,000-a-day compensation to Mark Parker into perspective
Apr. 09, 2013Report: Wyden is positioned to protect low-income working families
Apr. 02, 2013One Minute Survey: Which tax system do you prefer?
Mar. 30, 2013Will the 2013 Legislature Thaw Decades of Indifference to Oregon’s Poorest Children?
Mar. 27, 2013A Progressive Proposal to Reach Co-Chairs' Revenue Goal
Mar. 11, 2013It Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Get Paid
Mar. 01, 2013Nine Banks Not Taxed
Feb. 22, 2013New Nike Slogan: “I Was Already Just Doing It”
Feb. 21, 2013Thank you, U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn
Feb. 11, 2013It's National 2-1-1 Day!
Feb. 07, 2013Dude, how much did that car cost? Or why the federal offset matters
Feb. 01, 2013Oregon’s Tax System: Poor and Middle Pay More than Rich
Jan. 25, 2013How the EITC Benefits Everyone
Jan. 01, 2013Celebrate the New Oregon Minimum Wage
Dec. 26, 2012Congress Needs to Extend Emergency Unemployment Insurance - Now.
Dec. 14, 2012Jeld-Wen’s HQ Decision: Proof that Taxes Don’t Matter and Nike Deal is Foolish
Dec. 14, 2012Beware “Tax Certainty”
Dec. 12, 2012The $35.1 million increase in tax loophole spending not tied to a single job
Dec. 11, 2012A Highly Dubious Assumption in the Governor’s Proposed Nike Deal
Dec. 10, 2012Simple Explanation of "Single-Sales Factor" and How Nike Escapes Taxes As A Result
Oct. 13, 2012The Oregonian Reports Highest Paid Executive “Glad” to Pay Federal Income Taxes
Oct. 09, 2012$96,000 a Day and the Great Disconnect
Oct. 09, 2012What the State Entrepreneurship Index Says to Oregon Voters
Oct. 05, 2012Tax Déjà vu All Over Again
Oct. 03, 2012When You Think About Oregon’s 42%, Think “Worker”
Sep. 12, 2012Oregon’s Progress on Health Coverage Shows Progress on Poverty Is Also Possible
Sep. 01, 2012Why only the rich may be celebrating Labor Day
Jul. 25, 2012Oregon Ties for Nation’s Lowest Business Taxes
Jul. 18, 2012The Oregon Estate Tax’s $2 Billion Loophole
Jun. 15, 2012When You Think “Immigrant,” Think “Small Business Owner”
Jun. 06, 2012Waging a Winning Fight Against Wage Theft
Jun. 05, 2012Breaking News: Oregon’s Economic Growth Shines Again
Apr. 27, 2012Our Economy Can Afford Better Pay for All Workers
Apr. 18, 2012Oops! Fact that matters overlooked by ALEC
Apr. 16, 2012Oregon is in shameful company this Tax Day
Mar. 30, 2012News: Oregonians have more income
Mar. 07, 2012We're a Low-Tax, High-Fee State
Feb. 16, 2012Laffer is #Laffable
Feb. 15, 2012High Income Taxes Accompany Stronger State Economies
Dec. 22, 2011If Oregon Capital Gains Income Were a Pizza . . .
Dec. 16, 2011Topics Go Missing From Oregon Business Plan
Dec. 15, 201146,700 Oregonians may learn 3.3 million reasons why US House unemployment bill is wrong
Dec. 07, 2011This Is Why We Need State Corporate Tax Disclosure
Nov. 18, 2011Dear PolitiFact Oregon: Check Out Today’s Oregonian
Nov. 17, 2011455 Million Reasons to Say "Thank You" to Voters
Nov. 16, 2011Taxing Poor and Near-Poor Families: Sadly, Oregon Stands Out

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