Chuck Sheketoff

Chuck Sheketoff is the Executive Director and a founder of the Oregon Center for Public Policy, a non-profit, non-partisan research institute that uses research and analysis to advance policies and practices that improve the economic and social opportunities of low- and moderate-income Oregonians, the majority of Oregonians. Prior to starting the OCPP in 1997, Chuck lobbied the Oregon Legislature on behalf of the low-income clients of legal aid programs (1993, 1995) and the Oregon Law Center (1997). Chuck participates in BlueOregon to inform debates among Oregon progressives with an eye toward getting Oregon back on track.

PublishedTitle Comments
Mar. 27, 2005Grover Norquist and Dick Armey are Losers
Feb. 12, 2005Progressives: "Happy Birthday Abe!"
Feb. 10, 2005Putting the Annual Minimum Wage Inflator In Perspective
Jan. 13, 2005Beware the Snake Oil Salesmen
Jan. 07, 2005Will Measure 37 "Collapse" Oregon?
Dec. 10, 2004The Texas Pacific Group - PGE/Enron Holding Company Scam
Dec. 05, 2004Oregon Business Plan for the Loophole Lobby
Nov. 28, 2004The Cascade Policy Institute Says Utahans Are Spend-crazy Maniacs
Nov. 23, 2004This IS our country!
Nov. 09, 2004Kerry v. Bush: Why do things look different here?
Nov. 04, 2004Is your school religiously wasting tax dollars?
Nov. 04, 2004A bad day in perspective.
Oct. 31, 2004A Message to Democrats....From RNC Chair Ed Gillespie
Oct. 27, 2004Who the hell's running for office?
Oct. 21, 2004Bush to Pat Robertson: Liar?
Oct. 15, 2004MoveOn Moves Oregon
Oct. 13, 2004Take Me Back to 1948
Oct. 13, 2004Payday Loan Shops Outnumber McDonalds and Bankrupcy Filings Outnumber College Degrees
Oct. 12, 2004Accurate Numbers Paint Different Picture
Oct. 07, 2004Take Cheney's Advice
Oct. 05, 2004Ballot Measures Simply Explained
Sep. 28, 2004Is KXL financing a political campaign?
Sep. 20, 2004Forget the Polls, Get to Work
Sep. 18, 2004How would you vote?
Sep. 15, 2004Oregon Troops Say Support Kerry “so we can get outta this hellhole”
Sep. 15, 2004The Silence Is…. Deafening and Sad
Sep. 07, 2004You Spend Less Time In Congestion Than You Do in Line and Buying a Couple of Lattes*
Sep. 03, 2004Man to Man Marriage
Aug. 24, 2004Hoisted by one's own petard!
Aug. 20, 2004Your Tax Dollars At Work
Aug. 18, 2004Waste!....Not!
Jul. 30, 2004Mental Health Trivial Pursuits?
Jul. 21, 2004We Need More Government: Part 3.
Jul. 19, 2004We Need More Government. Parts 1 and 2

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