Jeff Alworth

Jeff Alworth's mother fled her ancestral clan in eastern Oregon for the lights of the big city - Boise - robbing Jeff of his Oregon birthright. He addresses this inadequacy with prodigious displays of flannel and beer drinking. Jeff hosted Notes on the Atrocities and the Oregon Blog since January 2003 - which he retired to work on Blue Oregon. Jeff is a freelance writer and a researcher at Portland State University in the Graduate School of Social Work. An entirely different constituency knows him for his enthusiasm about beer.

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Feb. 25, 2010More Polling: Kitz Leads Republicans, Many Undecided
Feb. 25, 2010A Dime's Worth of Opinion
Feb. 18, 2010The Lesson of Primaries
Feb. 09, 2010Cantwell Introduces "Cap and Dividend"
Feb. 02, 2010Uninformed Electorate Reconsidered
Feb. 01, 2010Americans Know Bubkes
Jan. 27, 2010What Do Measures 66 and 67 Tell Us?
Jan. 20, 2010Health Care in the Balance
Jan. 19, 2010Making Sacrifices for the Public Good
Jan. 13, 2010Kitzhaber Unveils Jobs Program; Live Webcast at 11:30 a.m.
Dec. 29, 2009The Year in Review: Apocalyptics
Nov. 30, 2009Sheketoff Profile in the O
Nov. 25, 2009Welcome to the Streets, Welcome to the Conversation
Nov. 20, 2009Is Public Higher Ed Broken?
Nov. 05, 2009What Did the Independent Vote Tell Us?
Oct. 14, 2009Stat of the Day
Sep. 02, 2009Kitzhaber for Governor: He's In
Aug. 26, 2009Rumors of Their Deaths
Aug. 19, 2009Matinee Lessons from District 9
Aug. 18, 2009Wisdom From Pendleton
Aug. 17, 2009Health Care Deep Thought: Harper's Index
Aug. 13, 2009Poll: American Health Care is ... Okay
Aug. 10, 2009The Politics of Hysteria
Aug. 05, 2009Good Polling on Health Care Reform
Jul. 31, 2009Health Care Deep Thought: Special Graphical Edition
Jul. 21, 2009Health Care Deep Thought: $.1 Trillion
Jul. 21, 2009Health Care Deep Thought: $1 Trillion
Jul. 20, 2009Health Care Deep Thought: Saving Lives or Saving Money?
Jul. 20, 2009Global Warming Deniers: Wanna Bet?
Jul. 17, 2009Five Years Around the Watercooler
Jul. 07, 2009Sam Adams Recall Begins
Jul. 04, 2009Happy Fourth
Jun. 25, 2009Don't Scrap Fareless Square, TriMet
Jun. 16, 2009Iran
Jun. 10, 2009A Historic Shift in Philosophy
Jun. 04, 2009Storm
May. 26, 2009Sonia Sotomayor
May. 20, 2009Tightening Up the Initiative Process
May. 18, 2009Oregon's 12% Unemployment is ... Good News?
May. 15, 2009The Other, $3.8 Billion, Shoe Drops
May. 04, 2009Enough With the Swine Flu, Already!
May. 01, 2009Who Does, and Does Not, Support Torture
Apr. 30, 2009Every Now and Again, You Need a Post About the Whigs
Apr. 29, 2009Poll: Obama's First 100 Days
Apr. 23, 2009An Electric Car in Every Garage
Apr. 21, 2009Tough Choices: Salmon, Nukes, and Taxes
Apr. 20, 2009Global Warming: Put Up or Shut Up
Apr. 14, 2009What the Unemployment Numbers Mean
Apr. 14, 2009State of the Arts
Apr. 07, 2009Does Oregon Torture?

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