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Do you remember how the passage of Measures 66 & 67 would be a major impediment to economic growth and employment growth? Remember how passage of these measures will result in wealthy tax payers hightailing out of the state, resulting in a continually diminishing revenue base?

Do you remember how a vote for John Kitzhaber over Chris Dudley would be a vote for increased taxes over job creation? Do you remember how John Ktizhaber will continue with failed policies that will continue to stifle Oregon's economy until they are reveresed?

Do you remember all these things?

I'm only asking these questions as a response to this week's report released by the state's Employment Department Workforce and Economic Research Division which indicated a gain of 9,800 jobs throughout the state in February 2011.

Wait- what's that? The increased job-killing taxes under Measure 66 & 67 coupled with a continuation of the failed, job-killing policies of passed by Democratic Governors were supposed to, um, be job-killing. Or something like that. Let me rub my eyes and double-check those numbers....

Yep, I was not mistaken. The numbers are as clear as day: 9,800 jobs decidedly NOT killed in Oregon during the last full month of recorded data. This number is the total of seasonally adjusted, non-farm payroll jobs not killed around he state during the month of February. Before anyone suggests that of course job growth occurred shortly after Kitzhaber was sworn in, as he expanded the state payroll to find cushy jobs for all of his buddies, the report indicates that only 1,600 state government jobs were added during the month of February. This current trend of job growth- indeed, February marks the fifth straight month in which jobs are not getting killed around the state- is being fueld by the private sector, opposed to the public sector. In other words, the "job creators" are decidedly NOT flocking in droves to Camas, but are instead staying here in Oregon, creating jobs.

The only question I have is how the sly tricksters over at NW Republican are going to put their cynical and pessimistic spin on this bit of good economic news for the state of Oregon.

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    I am more concerned about a secret registry of licensed hand gun owners. The only thing that needs to kept secret is criminal intent.

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    Krueger Medical Services just received 200 resumes for 1 position. Is this the decisive factor that the economy is improving? (they keep telling us!) Sorry, don't mean to be cynical.

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      The addition of 9800 jobs in Oregon would appear to be a sign that the economy is, at the very least, shrugging in the right direction.

      Imagine how much better the unemployment rate in Oregon would be if we were shedding public sector jobs due to budget cuts.

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    Since M66/67 passed in Jan 10, Oregon has added 32,800 jobs and Washington has added 4550. Idaho, another state that was hailed as a place where Oregon businesses would go gained 428 jobs.

    Of course, these short term numbers really don't mean much, not where business is concerned. We will never know how many businesses didn't move to Oregon. It will take several years to really judge what has actually happened with businesses.

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      I could be wrong, but I'd wager that any marginal tax increased the wealthy are burdened by is mitigated with consumers having increased cash in their pockets to purchase goods, services, or products....

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    Yeah, but, see, if it wasn't for the job-killing ballot measures and the job-killing governor, Oregon would have created 980,000 jobs in the same time frame. And they all would have been six figure salaries with amazing benefits, because 95% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world would have moved here by now.

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      Dang Doug. Beat me to it. Whenever their arguments are proved to be without merit they always fall back on the good old "Well it woulda been much much better if weeda....."

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    Where were these jobs created? Pretty meaningless to those of us who need jobs to support our families if these were jobs pumping gas or serving Big Macs.

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