T.A. Barnhart

T.A. Barnhart is a native Oregonian and life-long resident of the West. He is a veteran, but very glad he got to serve during the Carter Peace Epoch. He has been involved in politics sporadically, from the nuclear freeze movement in the 80s to volunteering on various campaigns in the 90s. As a student at PSU & UO, he was involved in campus politics, working on child care and family housing issues. In 2003, he helped form Linn-Benton for Dean; he remains a hardcore deanista. He worked extensively on the Benton County Kerry campaign, organizing and leading the canvas, running the website, and doing enough to take that loss very much to heart. His kids are now grown, but he's still working to ensure they have a good, happy future. He loves music, literature, the American West, salmon, Italian cheese, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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